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Sanctioning of Courts - Harold Newsome, Casey Ryan, Tom Martone, & Bob Hilpertshauser

Regina Hawes                  

Gwen Mehrwerth         

Marty Popi & Howard Hawes

We're the best because you're the best!  Thanks everyone for your work and dedication! 

Club Pres. Tom Martone, Pres. & Dir. of GA Ronnie Miller, FSHPA Pres. Bob Hilpertshauser, Commissioners Nate McLaughlin & George Hanns           

Ron Mehrwerth                

Three Characters!                    

Our friends who play at the Ultimate Horseshoe Court!  Always missed and always remembered.

Howard & Regina Hawes - Winners at the Florida State Horseshoe Championships                   

Tom Martone & Casey Ryan

Our forever mascot, Bonnie                 

In memory of our dear friend, Charlie Thompson                

Flagler County Horseshoe Pitching Club