Flagler County Horseshoe Pitching Club

Welcome to the

Way back when, a few folks would get together on a regular basis and play horseshoes.  They were so familiar with each other that before they arrived they knew who was going to win.  The club members, even before they were officially club members, played at Wadsworth Park starting in 2004.  In 2012, with the help of many people, the existing 18 court complex was build.  It is a state of the art facility that hosts local and state tournaments.  Happily the memories continue.

The first president of the club was Tom Martone.  It was his vision to build the new courts.  It took a lot of hard work and effort.  Three years in the making, with a failed attempt to use the Agricultural Center, the credit goes to our Flagler County officials for recognizing the value of our sport.  They helped build the new sanctioned courts.  It's a big deal to have the capacity to host state, pro, national, and even world events.   Our first president, Tom, made this happen.  Our second president, Ron Mehrwerth continued the work  and before moving north handed the horseshoe, if you will, to Joe Norton, our current president.  He continues the tradition and keeps us moving forward.    We thank them for their service, as well as our other members who chip in to make it all work. 

It all started with 2-4 players in 2004 and today we have 68 members playing.  Some people play every Tuesday and Thursday, some snow- birds play when they are here, and others simply drop in to laugh and play with the rest of us.  A few people travel to tournaments across the state and others don't travel at all.  It all works because we love pitching and having a good time.  Some even like the exercise and fresh air!! 

Join us!!  Young, not so young, healthy, not so healthy.  We're all there to pitch shoes and have a good time.